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How to Worry Less about Money and More about Relationships

…In Less than Less Than 24 Hours

There is no doubt that this is a time when worries about your financial situation can overtake everything else. You may be in uncertain times regarding your bank account and retirement accounts. You might be really frightened of what it all means for your future.

One of the most difficult feelings or emotions may be that of feeling out of control. You can not control Wall Street or any of the financial institutions. Not even for a minute. The best thing you can do is to accept that. It doesn’t mean you have to like it, but what is the point in not accepting what is happening? Where will that get you?

What you do have control over is how you let it affect your life today. Are you impatient and short tempered? Are you angry and want to lash out at someone? That is often the feeling when you feel scared and unsure of your future. Although it may be understandable it’s not productive. It’s not going to change anything outside of your world.

You do have control over how you save and how you spend. During the Holidays, excessive spending may expected or at least desired. It may be something that has happened easily in the past but you are probably in a different financial today.

You also have control over your behaviors and your attitudes. How are you doing in those areas? You can focus on your fears or you can focus on solutions. You can be angry at Wall Street or you can change how you handle your own money situation.

You know in your heart and soul that your relationships with family and friends are eminently more important than your retirement investment accounts. Your family and friends deserve your best self and your best attitude. That’s not to say you can’t share your fears or concerns, but keep it in check so those negative attitudes don’t overtake you. Get your priorities straight!

In these next 24 hours, give yourself an attitude check. Know what is important and valuable to you. You can always save more and spend less. Live your life in the next 24 hours in a state of abundance. Know what you have in your life and cherish it. Know what your values are and live by them.

At the end of those 24 hours do a simple check up on how it went. Were you able to live those 24 hours as an optimist, believing that you can take control of your financial world and turn it around? Do you believe that you have control over how you deal with your fears or worries? Have you treated your important relationships with love, care and respect? If you answer is yes, congratulation to you. Now keep this going for another 24 hours. If your answer is no, all is not lost. You have another 24 hours ahead of you and you can practice until you feel its working for you.

Remember, it’s your values, your positive attitude and your relationships that will allow you to live an abundant life in your future beginning right now. Your willingness to embrace this will give you access to your best life ever. Enjoy your next 24 hours!

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