Kim Kirmmse Toth - Small Business Coach

Is an Encore Career in your future?

Are you as worried about your retirement fund accounts as everyone else seems to be?

Has the reality set in that you may be working much longer than you thought?

Are you currently in retirement and realize now you will need to go back to work?

Are you currently working but the idea of having to remain at your current job sends shivers down your back?

If you said ‘yes’ to half of these questions then listen closely. You will be ok. In fact, you and your future will be great!

Please don’t look at the situation the world is in right now and see it as a crisis.  View this time as an opportunity for you.  How you approach this period in your life will have a lasting affect on how the rest of your years will be for you.  Watch your attitude!

If you are like most Boomers, you may want or need to keep working but not just any job will do.  Even if you are making tons of money if you don’t love what you are doing, you may need a change.  You want work that matters.  You want work that is meaningful and uses your talents and strengths.  You want work you can be passionate about.  And you can actually make this come true!

What do you suppose you will be doing for your next act?  Please do tell!

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