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Boomer Women: Are You Ready for a Transition or a Change

As a professional woman who has been in the workforce for many years, you have experienced many changes as well as transitions. Do you know the difference between the two? Since each is an important piece of leading a well balanced life it’s important to be clear on each.

Change is a one time occurrence. For example:

  • You change your job.
  • You change your clothes.
  • You change homes, cities, states, countries.

Change is an external event. It may be self-imposed, such as finding a new job, or it may be imposed upon us, as in getting fired. For many people, change is very difficult and there may be fear around it. You often hear it said that ‘change is hard.’

On the other hand, transition happens over a period of time; it’s an ongoing experience.

For example:

  • You move so the transitions are: new neighbors, new drive to work, etc.
  • You begin a new job so the transition is: new co-workers, new environment, etc.

Transition is an internal experience. It often means letting go of something, either how things were before or letting go of a certain someone. While you are transition, it’s very important to be around people who like you and are supportive of you.

When you look back over the changes and transitions in your life, are you pleased with how you handled them? Are there things you might have done differently? How was your attitude? Keeping a positive attitude can make even the most difficult changes or transitions easier.

Now, looking forward, what do you see? Keep in mind that you are in charge of what lies ahead for you. Even if there are obstacles, and there often are, you have the opportunity to handle them in a way that suits you, that works for you.

Do you have a plan? You can’t plan everything but much of it is within your control. Without a plan you are floating in the wind and may not land in the place you wish. Is it time to take charge of your future?

You can do this beginning right now, today. What have you always wanted to do but never had the time? Or possibly it simply wasn’t the right time in your life. It’s so easy to put those dreams on the backburner. You may even have said I’ll do this when the kids are in college, or when they graduate from college or when…………..the moon turns to cheese!

Take the time to think about what changes and transitions you wish to have in your future life. You have earned the right to do this! It’s now your turn to plan something just for you. It doesn’t have to be huge, it can be something small but significant to you. People spend more time planning for a two week vacation than they do the rest of their lives. Don’t be one of those women!

What’s the first dream you can begin planning for?

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