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Boomer women: Did you get your 10,000 steps in today?

walkingYes, 10,000 steps each day. That is what is recommended for you. This equals about 5 miles.

On January 1, 2011, the first baby boomer will turn 65 years old. Are you taking good enough care of yourself so that you can enjoy the next 10 or 20 or even 30 years?

What does it take to live to a ripe old age? 25% is genetic, that is all. 75% depends on your thinking and the lifestyle you choose.

What kind of thinking? Positive and optimistic thinking. Research has shown that optimistic people live longer and people who have made it to 100 years or more have twice as many positive memories as they do negative memories. As you age, you tend to become more positive and focus more on positive emotional experiences. Women in their 70’s report on being happier than in their 20’s, 30’s, 40’s and even 50’s. See what you have to look forward too?

What kind of lifestyle? You know what you are ‘supposed’ to do. You know how you should eat, how much you should sleep, and how much you should exercise. Do you do all this? Do you really set aside the time to take care of yourself properly? If not, you will probably pay the price. Either you won’t be on this earth as long as you might want to be or you may become sicker than you need to be.

As boomer women, we have so many more options than our mothers and grandmothers did. Even in Aspen, Colorado, they have a program called “Bumps for Boomers”. It’s a program designed by Baby Boomers, for Boomers and taught by Boomers. How fun to know you can learn to hit those black diamonds again just like you did years ago! Makes you wonder how many of your 10,000 steps would translate into a day of moguls!

Basically, to live a long, healthy and happy life, a boomer women needs to prepare to do at the very least, the basics. Eat well, get your eight hours of sleep, keep a positive attitude, and walk your 10,000 steps.

You have worked so hard to get where you are today, you owe it to yourself, as well as family and friends, to keep yourself as healthy as you can. You have so much to look forward to! The best part is most of it is within your own control. You get to choose how you want to live your life, so put on your pedometer!

And while you are walking your 10,000 steps put a smile on your face. You will make your world and the world around you a better place!

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