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House For Sale: Baby Boomer Moving

How do you decide IF to move, WHEN to move, WHERE to move?

Making a move is always a challenge. There is never an easy way and there are so many questions to ask and answer. One of the biggest challenges is that you must get it right! It’s not like you are in your twenties or thirties anymore and can just try again. You don’t have the time to spare! Now, that may sound a bit dramatic, but you know that a big chunk of that is true.

Questions to ask yourself:

* What part of the country do you wish to live in?
* Does International living interest you?
* What type of community would you like?
College town

And this is just the beginning! Think some more and be very honest with yourself.

* What type of climate?
* How important is it to be near family (or away from family)?
* How important is it to be near a top-notch health facility?
* Are you a lover of water?
* Do you like lots of activity or are you looking for a place to ‘kick-back’?
* Is it important to you to have educational activities near your new home? College towns are very attractive to many people because of this.
* Do you want to be near an airport?

After you have answered all of these questions, probably the most difficult one to answer is “Can I really afford to live here?” Again, this is another time for extreme honesty. Being house poor is not a fun way to live out your 3rd Age.

Let’s take a look at some more important questions for you to spend some time thinking about. As overwhelming as this may all seem, you will be happy you took the time.

* If/when you move will it be permanent? Is it ok to try someplace out and if it doesn’t please you, you try something else?
* How much risk are you willing take in your move? How safe and secure do you need to be?
* Do you fear the unknown? Or is the unknown exciting to you?
* Basically, do you have permission to fail? How tolerant are you of ambiguity?
* Do you become easily bored? If so, what do you need around you to keep this boredom from happening?
* Are you willing to give up something in your current living situation to gain something else?

How will decide WHEN to move? What time frame have you set up? Make a list of what needs to be in place before you make this life changing decision.

Next question: What HAS to be in place before you move? This is different from “It would be nice if these were all in place but they are not essential.”

What is the worst thing that could happen if you moved someplace and didn’t care for it? Does your decision to move have to be 100% in each of your ‘requirements’ or is less than perfect ok?

Making all these decision by you alone is tough enough. If you are married or with a significant other there must be compromise; or at least isn’t that the best way to keep that relationship intact?

If one of you wishes to move and one doesn’t, how do you negotiate this? How have you negotiated other big decisions in your life? How have you made decisions in the past when you haven’t agreed?

Wow. And you simply thought you might want to move in your ‘golden years’. It sounded so simple and easy. And you know what? It can be easy or at least doable and exciting, but put some time into the planning part. You know what ‘they’ say. Most people spend more time planning a two-week vacation than they do their retirement.

This IS the rest of your life. It deserves your time and thoughtfulness. And you know what? You deserve it!

If you would like any coaching or assistance around planning your next move, contact me at I would love to help you on your journey!

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