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“It’s not nice to talk about money” Script

Tip # 7: Here is a common money script in our society. I talked about this a bit on our call ( “It’s not nice to talk about money.” We can read about it, see it on TV all the time, there are magazines about it, but talking about money is rude. By not talking about it now means that our next generation of children won’t talk about it either and this ‘belief’ goes on and on through the generations. Our children’s beliefs and attitudes will be a mirror of ours if we don’t start teaching them that talking about money, how to earn it, spend it, save it, and what money can do and what money can’t do. And we can start that conversation at any age. When are you going to start?

If you are ready to start being more comfortable with money, to be able to talk about it, and even earn what you are worth then you might be interested to listen here ( jump to how to learn ( to make money be a natural and necessary part of life………that you can even talk about!

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