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Women Boomers: Do You Know What a “Mancession” is?

I just read a great article about something I haven’t heard of before; for one thing, I thought it was a new word in town but I was wrong. Clearly I am behind. I Googled ‘mancession’ and found 79 pages! If I read this all correctly the first article was written in January 2009. So, […]

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“It’s not nice to talk about money” Script

Tip # 7: Here is a common money script in our society. I talked about this a bit on our call ( “It’s not nice to talk about money.” We can read about it, see it on TV all the time, there are magazines about it, but talking about money is rude. By not talking […]

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"I don’t deserve Money" script

Tip # 6: Here is a Money Script some people fall into; do you? It’s the “I don’t deserve Money” script. This can happen especially if its money you didn’t earn, say an inheritance. But it even happens to people who earn it themselves. I believe this also comes from a place of low self-esteem […]

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This is not Sophie’s Choice

Tip # 5: You do not have to choose between serving the world with your gifts and filling your bank account. Many women, especially therapists and coaches, struggle with this. How can I offer my services to give to those in need and make a great living from that? This is not Sophie’s Choice. It […]

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Procrastination and the Art of Avoidance

Procrastination is not a pretty word. It means you are supposed to be doing something, but you’re not. Procrastination means there is something important you are supposed to be doing but you are going to put it off until tomorrow. Or next week. Clearly being a procrastinator when it comes to something important can get […]

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Believe in Yourself

Tip # 4: Believe for yourself and believe in yourself that you deserve to make great money. If you don’t believe this you will never be successful financially. Would making great money feel poorly because others are not so fortunate? What would happen if you won the lottery or came into a sudden huge inheritance […]

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Money Scripts

Tip #3: Don’t allow past Money Scripts to affect your present life. When you were a child, what were your parents or grandparents and other family member’s belief around money? You may be amazed at how much of that belief system you still carry with you. It becomes ingrained in us and is sometimes hard […]

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Does that feel better?

Tip #2: Keep an eye on your belief system when it comes to finances. What are your beliefs around money? Some of you may believe that money is bad. You may say that someone you know was a really a nice person and fun to be with but now that they have made lots of […]

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