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3 Simple Tips to Plan for a Successfully Financial Year in 2011

As the plants start their fading away process something very different is usually going on in the minds of women entrepreneurs! You are not fading away. It’s a time of changes. As one season moves out another season moves in. One door closes, another door opens. For many of you it’s time to look at […]

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A Women’s Path to Positive Aging

I don’t know a woman in the world who wouldn’t want to age in a positive manner, do you? The tricky part sometimes is figuring out just how to do that. There are so many messages out there and so many of them are so mixed, it’s hard to know which ones to listen to. […]

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3 Tips for Risks and Rewards in Your Business

When was the last time you took a risk in your business? Or maybe another question is; are you ready to take the risk of even starting your business? Doing something new can certainly be a scary thing, there is no doubt about it. Then again, if you never took any risks, if you always […]

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Boomer Women: How to Balance Business and Hugs

Does this sound like a strange title? Maybe, but it’s important. When I say the word ‘hugs’ I really do mean it literally. I mean your arms wrapped around the back of someone you care about kind of hugs. Not wimpy little patting on the shoulders kind of hugs. Those barely count. As a ‘recovered […]

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3 Steps for Adding Creativity in Your Business Success and Why it’s Crucial

How creative are you in your business? By being creative I don’t mean having a pretty site or expecting you to be an artist with paints and brushes. It’s very easy to get trapped into thinking you are not a creative type so you have to follow what others are doing or be stuck doing […]

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