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Are You Afraid of Fear?

We all get afraid of things. It’s simply part of life. The big question is about how you handle this fear. There are many kinds of fears out in the world, as you surely know. What I want to talk to you about today is the fearfulness you may have in regards to your business. […]

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My lovely daugther Erin

My 23 year old daughter, Erin, got a real kick out of my video. She sent me the following message: “MOM YOUR VIDEO is AWESOME! I loved it! i was like OH MY GOSH THATS MY MOM! Abe was like quiet down in there lol. so cool! Proud of you mom! it looks great! you […]

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What Awaits You This Next Year is What You Create Today

I am not saying this to be ominous by any means but I think you get my drift. The autumn of any year has many meanings for people. It means the ending of summer, the beginning of the school year and buckling down and the knowledge that the New Year is not far away. For […]

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5 Simple Tips for Getting More Done in your Day Tomorrow

Time just seems to spin away doesn’t it? You think you have your day planned with goals of what you want to accomplish then ‘poof’ the day is gone! And maybe you only got half of your goals done, so the rest go on your list for tomorrow but tomorrow is already busy, so what’s […]

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