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5 Simple Steps for Adding Virtual Retreats to Your Coaching Business

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Have you ever attended a Virtual Retreat Day? Believe me when I say that this is something you definitely want to add to your ‘bag of coaching experiences’ for your clients.

I have participated in several and have offered even more. I have done them with one person and I have done them with groups.

The way I do it is that I generally offer them on 3 rotating topics. Those 3 are:

1. Niche Breakthrough,

2. Branding with Archetypes

3. How to Charge What You are Worth and Get It!

If you are still working one to one I encourage you to expand your thinking and try something new! Your 1 – 1 service should be reserved for your really special, higher end clients. These are the people that will get more of your time than anyone else. But that is a whole other article and conversation!

This is also not your regular, basic Teleclass that goes once a week for four weeks, or twice a week for three weeks or however you have usually set them up or have been involved with. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that format and I still use it, but this is my new ‘best’ offering for you!

Here are 5 simple steps to creating your own fun Virtual Retreat Days in your business model, which may also be referred to as VIP Days.

# 1. Pick Your Topic

When you look at your Niche, when you think about your Ideal Client, what problems or pain points do they have? Where do they get stuck? What are they feeling so frustrated or discouraged about that they are willing to pay you to help them solve it? Look back at the list of 3 topics that are my primary focus with my clients right now. This also doesn’t mean I can’t do other topics but these are my primary.

# 2. Plan Your Time and Your Schedule

I generally run my Virtual Retreat Days for 4 hours. If it’s necessary to go over I will but I also want to be respectful of everyone’s time. I have heard of some who go for 6 or more hours but for me that is longer than I like as coach and as a participant. Take a look at your topic and make a decision about what works best for you as well as for your clients.

I have found noon to 4:00 eastern to work well. With everyone in different time zones it’s hard to pick this perfect time but this has worked well for me.

Of course, you can run these any day of the week but look at your Ideal Client and decide what is best. If you are doing this with a private client it’s easy to pick a day but I have been doing them on Saturday’s when I do them with a group.

As far a how to break down the day you have many options. I have generally coached/taught/consulted for maybe 30 minutes, then gave the group (or individual) an assignment and we hang up. They do their work and 20 minutes or so call back into the bridge line. We continue to completion.

# 3. Plan Your Content

You can either offer a particular topic or if it’s private you can design a program just for them. Ask them what particular outcome they want and create a program around it.

Please be sure that you have a specific outcome they will accomplish. There must be a concrete focus so your client walks away pleased and happy with the results. This will also encourage them to tell others how great you are!

Just be sure you take the time to really set up a structure and program that flows. This is not a time to wing it!

# 4. Plan your Handouts or Worksheets

People absolutely love worksheets so give them what they want! Every time you take a break and send them off to complete an exercise they should have a handout. Also, go the extra mile and make them pretty! Even if it’s just one or two questions on the page, I always have my branded header or banner at the top. This simple item will increase the value of what you are offering and your client’s experience.

# 5. Plan Your Payment Options

Be aware that most everyone appreciates a payment plan of some kind. There are a variety of ways that you can offer this but be sure to include it in your package. The key to remember is that the investment your clients make for this day should be paid in full prior to your Virtual Retreat Day.

By doing this it keeps it clean and simple for everyone.

I hope this has opened up your mind and heart for how to move beyond the 1-1 coaching model and expand your horizons and your bank account!

I’d love to hear what you think of this below in the comments section. Does this open new ways to add to your income stream?

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