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A Women’s Path to Positive Aging

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I don’t know a woman in the world who wouldn’t want to age in a positive manner, do you?

The tricky part sometimes is figuring out just how to do that. There are so many messages out there and so many of them are so mixed, it’s hard to know which ones to listen to.

As the wise woman that you are, only listen to what feels genuine and authentic to you, throw away, or delete the rest. Just because someone else has an opinion doesn’t mean it has to become yours.

Here are some Tips to help you on your path to positive aging. Sure beats the alternative right?

1. Be an optimist. Not only be one yourself but spend time with other people who are optimistic, see the bright side of life and the glass as half full. This way of thinking and believing will add a lightness to your world. Being negative feels heavy and oppressive. Optimists have more friends, are more successful in their careers and are overall healthier, physically and mentally. Optimists live longer!

2. Have and Attitude of Gratitude. Be able to honestly and passionately say out loud to anyone who will listen, what you are thankful for in your life. If you were to write out a list of what you are grateful for, be sure to make it a really long list. Don’t forget the little things either; they are often the most powerful even though we may take them for granted.

3. Be able to give love but also receive love.
These are really two different things. You can love your children; love your spouse, your parents and your pets. How do you show them that you love them? When you show your love, do the recipients understand that is what you are ‘saying?’ Sometimes we forget that we need to say it out loud. Say the words “I love you” and not just assume they know.

The other side of this is being able to receive love. Being able to allow that love in, soak it up and appreciate it for the truth that it is. Don’t ever think it’s not important or is unnecessary. It is a vital part of aging positively. Giving and receiving love.

4. Have zest, passion and enthusiasm in your life.
Look at your life as an adventure, something to look forward to. Wake up every morning with a smile on your face knowing that today is going be a great and wonderful day. Simply having this attitude or belief can go a long way into making it a reality. This is true even if you have to act ‘as if’ sometimes. Even if you have to pretend, you may surprise yourself with the results. If you are having a bad day, try smiling at people. You may find that turns your day around!

5. Be curious. When you are curious your whole world can open up and new opportunities become available to you. Every day you have a chance to be curious about something in your life. It’s about being a lifelong learner. It’s not just about going back to school (although that works too!) it’s about being open to the possibilities. Have an interest in your neighborhood, your town, your friends.

When you are curious, you will never be bored!

These are 5 of the strengths that you may be familiar with in Positive Psychology. If you are curious what your top 5 strengths are you might want to go to: and take the VIA. This stands for Values in Action. It is a free assessment and you may find it helpful.

If you do not take the assessment that is perfectly fine. Simply follow these 5 Tips and you will be on the path of positive aging!

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