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Boomer Women: How Resilient are You?

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resiliencyAs you may know, each month I have a theme for the month and this month’s theme is health and wellness. You may not think that resiliency is really a health/wellness issue but I strongly believe that it is.

Resiliency is the ability to rebound quickly from a crisis or a trauma. It’s being able to deal with the situations in life that inevitably come up and that we probably have no control over. We can make the decision to succumb to them or not.

I believe this to be a health/wellness topic because our physical health and emotional/mental health is greatly affected by how we chose to handle it.

We all know of women who have lost parents, spouses, or even children. For some of these women, it takes such a hold on them that their lives from that day forward will never be the same. They may be emotionally and/or physically sick and never regain who they are. That is a choice that they have made, either consciously or not. It’s so sad to see someone go through this and you know that the person who they lost would not want them to give their life away the way it seems they have.

Then we all know women who have the same losses, definitely grieve and mourn, but continue on living their own life. They feel the loss but the loss doesn’t own them. There is a piece of their life that will never be the same, but it doesn’t consume them.

It’s not just loss of a loved one that tests our resiliency. It might be the loss of a job, loss of a home (think Katrina and Haiti), or a diagnosis of a terminal illness. Look at all the various women you know and notice how they handle difficult situations that occur in their lives. What about you? How do you handle yourself when things are really tough, and I don’t mean for a brief  period of time but more long term? The example you always hear is being an oak tree that does not bend or being a palm tree that bends with the wind but pops up strong after the wind dies down.

Here are some traits of resilient women. Where do you see yourself?

* Being optimistic
* Being playful/laughing
* Being connected with people including family & community
* Being a woman who gives back to her community or outside your local area
* Keeping yourself physically healthy
* Believing your cup is half full instead of half empty
* Knowing how to chose your battles by letting the little ones go (and most are little)
* Having a sense of spirituality or a religion

My coach’s request to you is to think about this and create a lifestyle for yourself that includes your being resilient about situations that you may not have been before. You will live longer and be happier! You will also be a lot more fun to be around and a great role model!

I would love to hear in this blog about how you are resilient and what has worked for you. We are a community of women who learn from each other.

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  1. Robin Fay-McNair
    Jan 10, 2012

    Hi Kim, I enjoyed your information here about resilience. I agree whole heartedly that it is a wellness issue. If we don’t have a resilient spirit, our mental and physical resiliency will be hard to come by. I was in your course with Mentor Coach. It must have been four years now? Right now I am in Botswana Africa. I just arrived about a month ago. I hope to get a professional women’s group started and then a group for writing one’s story.
    Expatriates have some of the most interesting stories about resliency. Warm Regards Robin

  2. Kim Kirmmse Toth
    Jan 10, 2012

    Wow, Robin! I do remember you and how exciting for you to be in Botswana! I know you will create wonderful groups for those women. They will be lucky to have you.

    And yes, resliency………..and much needed strength for any of us!

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