Kim Kirmmse Toth - Small Business Coach

Money can buy many things but it can’t buy happiness

Tip # 8: If I had more money I would have more meaning in my life. Have you heard that before from people? Have you said that yourself to people? (Or privately thought that?) Money can buy many things but it can’t buy happiness. It can’t buy positive relationships or peace and fulfillment. It can’t buy self esteem and a sense of belonging. Money is simply a tool that can be put to good use if you use it properly. It can buy you security and financial peace of mind. It can allow us to give to charities to help those without and it can help you live your life aspirations and dreams.

Do you know how to earn enough money so that you can have financial peace of mind and financial security? It might not be as difficult as you think if you are charging what you are worth. If you are charging what you are worth then YAY for you! If you are not but would like to learn in one short day at my Virtual Retreat then we can get you on that road to financial peace of mind, which of course, you deserve!

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