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This is not Sophie’s Choice

Tip # 5: You do not have to choose between serving the world with your gifts and filling your bank account.

Many women, especially therapists and coaches, struggle with this. How can I offer my services to give to those in need and make a great living from that? This is not Sophie’s Choice. It is not one or the other.

You have much to offer, you give your clients great value and you give them what they want. Being a ‘helping professional’ is not a prescription for poverty.

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  1. Soul
    Jun 25, 2010

    Aloha Kim!

    This post is SOOoooOooooo spot-on! To support anyone being of service to others while living a healthy, abundant life is exactly the focus on my calling as well. On Monday, June 28th, I’m taking this concept to the web-radio air-waves with the intention of attracting over ONE MILLION listeners.

    This show features real people doing real work such that real people can find and hire those real people doing real work!

    I bow in gratitude for this post – BIG TIME!

    (And, yes – Soul is my real name :)

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