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This is Different Than Usual!

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Actually, what I am doing is stealing from other people. But I promise to give them total credit.

I get Real Simple magazine like many of you probably do but how many of you either don’t read it, or skim it, or one day later don’t remember what was written? I also get Oprah, More, Prevention, Time and way too many more.

My point is, I want to throw out some facts, polls, ideas and other items I think/hope might interest you. And you may agree with them or you may not. I am just offering them.

In a Success Poll by Real Simple and Time magazine they asked 1,000 women (and a couple hundred men too) to talk about and give opinions about those things that are so important to so many of us. These include Work, Life, Ambition and much more. Here are some of the results.

  • 3/4th of women say it’s more important to enjoy your work than to make the most money possible.
  • Almost 2/3rd of women say that success is a never ending pursuit rather than a defined goal.

And more: in the work place 62% of women feel they are paid less than they are worth. And you all know we are still………making less than men doing the same kind of work.

Are you a boss? Do you know that 79% of women and 74% of men don’t want your job? I found that very interesting. (Makes me glad I work for myself!)

Another interesting point: here are the top factors for success for women:

  • Life experience 47%
  • Upbringing 17%
  • Education 14%
  • Work experience 7%

As you all probably know and maybe always have, is that home life is much more important and matters more than work life. I don’t think that should surprise anyone.

This is really sad to me. Only 8% of women say they think themselves as a success all the time. Now, I also know that none of us feels successful ALL THE TIME. But still, only 8%? Come on ladies. We can do better than that. At least I hope we can.

And my last piece of information for you. More than 40% of people who responded to the survey say they wish they had had a “mentor”. And less than 20% actually DO have a mentor. 35% believe that they see themselves as successful because they do have a mentor.

Those are some really interesting statistics I think. Since I have had my coaching business I have always had mentors/coaches. Always. And I always will. And I usually have more than one.

So think about that if you have your own business or have dreams (plans really, there is a difference you know) to have your own business.

And all of what I read in Real Simple magazine that I have shared with you makes me feel really great that I have been an entrepreneur since 1987 when my youngest daughter was born and that was 27 years ago. Happy dance! I used to be a Team Leader and several times a Supervisor and I don’t think very many wanted my job.

I hope if nothing else, this gets you thinking. Since most of us are ‘after 50’ we don’t have decades to figure this out. Let me help you!

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