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Do We Realize How Much Trouble So Many of Us Are In?

I honestly don’t think we do.

It seems like all I ever read about is how we women are in so much worse shape than men when it comes to how much money we have saved for retirement.

Looking over statistics, we have saved at least $100,000.00 less than men. Really? But we live longer!!!

And we make less than men. We make .82 for every dollar a man makes. Wow. You think that would have become equal after all this time. Guess not. Which makes it harder for us to save.

Woman holding a piggy bank with both hands

Woman holding a piggy bank with both hands

We also stay home to be a stay-at-home mom to our children or work part time (me) which in the long term affects the amount of money we get in Social Security. We also are often care takers so not working or working part time which affects our Social Security benefits.

Plus, we have a tendency to not be as finally literate as men. Now that is something we need to take responsibility for. Seriously ladies.

There are classes everywhere, talk to your financial planner person. We have to take monetary responsibility for ourselves.

Men Are Not a Retirement Plan!!

I truly believe we need to be responsible and have the confidence to have the knowledge we need to keep ourselves financially safe in our retirement years. Or any years for that matter.

Ok, so I am divorced and widowed. That has its own issues.

But, what about your married couples?

I know that is a whole other post. It’s complicated, or it can be but it doesn’t has to be.

I’d love to hear your thoughts so please comment below.

Since I am not doing my ‘usual’ ezine I am in the process of figuring out the best way to ‘be’ with you!!

Hugs from the Rockies,






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  1. Beth Sobiloff
    Jul 17, 2015

    Kim I agree with you, and I’d love to connect with you. The Two Grannies on the Road have a mission to get small business owners – and particularly women and baby boomers – to think outside the box to live their dreams, no matter what their age or financial circumstances. Personally, I wish my parents had taught me a lot more about money, instead of just telling me how poor we were all the time, and how we couldn’t afford this and that. We need to educate our children better.

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