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Is There Really Anything to the “Summer Slump?”

I used to think there was. I used to think that everyone slowed down in the summer and picked up again in the fall. But over the years I have changed my tune on that.

The good news is that so many people really believe in the ‘summer slump’ that they in many ways just stop working on their business. They assume that everyone does this, that no one is buying, no one is doing anything but laying around in the hammock and maybe ‘dead heading’!

You haven’t seen a lot of activity from me right now, but I can promise you there is a lot going on behind the scenes. Sure I ‘dead head’ but I do a lot more than that!

I am meeting with my coaches and my mastermind groups. I am working with my team on almost a daily basis (they haven’t stopped either).

Now, I am not a slave driver. Far FAR from that. We all take vacations and give each other enough warning so we can get things done before any of us take time off. That is not only just being respectful of each other’s time but making sure we all get done what need to get done for our businesses. (You have to keep in mind that for your team and mine (or the team you will have) this is their business too.)

If you were to wait until fall to get back in the saddle, you have lost precious time. While coaches are out there offering their products or services, you are just putting the pieces in place. This puts you behind and that is not a good place to be. For you personally or for your business.

Many of you know that every year I go to our family cottage in Ontario that we have had since 1966 when my parents build it. This is a very special and much needed vacation. Yes, it’s a long drive. 3 full 10 – 12 hour days with my 2 big dogs. Isabella has done it several time, for Bud III this will be his first adventure. I can’t wait till he sees the lake and hope he just jumps right off the dock. He is a ‘goose dog’ after all with webbed feet.


Will I be doing all my calls and seeing clients? To a point. Will I be available if need be? Yes, we have a phone and internet. It’s not like I am disappearing into the great beyond.

I will also due my due diligence and make sure as much is in place as can be in place. I will still do my ezine every other Tuesday. Some I can do ahead and the rest I will do when I am there. That way I can show you pictures of the loons, the dogs swimming etc. The fun stuff.

It’s about balance and it’s about preparation. All together I’ll be gone a month. Not bad.

So please ladies, don’t just stop in your tracks because it’s summer. You don’t need to work you tail off, I want you to have fun. I always want you to have fun, no matter what time of year it is!!

And knowing that you are building this business as a financial vehicle for your retirement years is important.

Action Step: What are you plans now this summer? As you kicking back and reading on the deck all day? That’s all fine and good (and one of my favorite things to do) but what are you going to do to move your business (which affects your life) forward?

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