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“Niching, Ideal Client and Tribe, Oh My!”

I have written so many articles on everything in this title it’s almost crazy. And so have most other business coaches.

Why? Because it’s just that important.

Think about it. How will you design a website, even a one page website, if you don’t know who you are talking to or what you’re talking about? You can’t.

When someone ask you that dreaded question ” So, what do you do?” are you just going to say “oh a little of this and a little of that.” No, of course not.

First of all, you cannot serve the world. You cannot help the world. You cannot market to the world.

You need to narrow things down.

What are your gifts? What are you good at? What could you do all day and later realized how many hours you were in the ‘zone’ because you love what you are doing so much?

Who do you like to work with? Men, women, young, old, local or anywhere in the world?

Important question: Who can pay you? Working with homeless is honorable but they can’t pay you. That’s a volunteer job. Seriously, what group of people can not only truly pay you because they have plenty of money, but they will pay you because they want to have what you have to offer and they’ll easily hand you a credit card.

This is your business we are talking about here. This is your financial life line, this is not a hobby.

You also need to be able to describe who your Ideal Client is. With some of my clients I have had them write me a letter telling me all about this person. Age, gender, income level, where they live, are they parents and lots of other important points.

Once you are able to do this then you can figure out who your ‘tribe’ is. Your ‘peeps’ or whatever you want to call them.

You want to be that clear.

I am very clear about mine and my messaging. I work with ‘women after 50″ to build on- line, portable coaching so they can earn the money they deserve, love what they do, and be financially safe in their retirement years.

That is it in a nutshell and my website, and marketing match the message.


Now, will I work with men? Of course. Will I work with women under 50 years old? Of course. Would I work with someone who just wanted life coaching and it was something I felt I could really help them with, yes, I would.

So, you see, just by choosing a tight Niche, knowing your Ideal Client and your target population, now you can create a website, know what to say to someone when they say “What do you?” and all other kinds of magical things.

But those three must come first. At least that is my opinion! And of course, I’d love to hears yours as well.

ACTION STEP: If you do not have your Niche, Ideal Client and Target market clear as a bell, get working on it. There are many excellent coaches out there that help you. Including me. :)

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  1. Kathy Taberner
    Jun 25, 2015

    Hi Kim
    Thanks for this article. I think the points you have made are so relevant, when we are starting to think about what we want to do, who we want to serve AND as we continue to develop our business and refine who we want to support, in whatever we are doing. My work with my daughter is about curiosity, a niche that could be very broad. Our work is around connections, using curiosity to better understand each other so after much exploration, we got clear on our niche. We work with women age 35-60 as we focus on leadership and parenting and women purchase 85% of all self-help books, of which we have one on curiosity. Getting clear on this was a struggle and I agree with Kim that this struggle is necessary if one is gain clarity around one’s passion, one’s work prior to moving forward. Thanks Kim – great post.

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