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Ready For a Boost in Your Biz? VIP Days and Virtual Retreat Days!

Seriously, this is something you really need to add to your business if you haven’t already.

I have done so many of these myself and I love them!

There are many people who use these two terms, VIP and VRD, as being the same.

I see them differently.
I see a VIP day as being with one person for anywhere from 2 – 4/5 hours. Your client is totally in charge of the agenda so you as their coach/mentor have no planning to do or preparations to be made. I do like for clients to give me some of the topics they wish to discuss. That way, I may have some resources that might be helpful to them.

These VIP days can be ‘stand alone’ sessions for a particular client or they can be part of a High End Platinum Program that people are paying you very good money for. They are an excellent bonus or reward for paying up front.

A Virtual Retreat Day (VRD), in my mind, is with a group and a chosen topic. I have done them on Niche, setting up High End Platinum Programs, How to Charge What You Are Worth and other topics.

I like to keep these groups small, usually no more than 5 people so everyone gets a lot of personal attention.

Basically, we are on and off the phone 4 – 5 times during the day. Everyone calls in on a bridge line. I teach for maybe 20 – 40 minutes and answer any questions. I give them their ‘assignment’ and we all hang up. They do their work and I get to hang! Then we all get back on the phone at a particular time and review the work they have done. Then we move on to the next teaching point and continue this way for about 4 hours. It’s a fast way to get a lot learned or experienced rather than doing a 6 week teleclass or something that is more stretched out. People like that!!!

One of the most fun ones I have done, and I should do again, was an Organization Virtual Retreat Day.

Some clients and I were all lamenting about how messy our home offices were so we got together on a Friday afternoon, on the phone. We each committed to what it was we were going to do anywhere from cleaning off desks, to filing to deleting emails. Anything that had to do with organizing your office.

We made our commitments, I wrote them all down, then we’d hang up the phone. We took 45 minutes to do our ‘work’ then got back on the phone again and shared what we had accomplished. And we all were amazed at how much we had done!

We did this all afternoon and after we all had our final call I was so charged up I just kept going.

Be creative with these “Days”. There really are no hardcore rules here.

Your clients will appreciate you!

Action Step: Take a good hard look at your Niche and chose a topic you know your clients (or potential clients) would be interested in. Pick a day (I like Fridays or Saturdays) and times. Get a bridge line if you don’t have one. For a VRD you need to be very organized about your teaching points, hand outs etc. For a VIP day, since it’s private, there is little for you to do, just be present.

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