Kim Kirmmse Toth, Small Business Coach for Coaches

Hi there ladies and welcome!

Instead of just talking about herself Kim would rather share her philosophy with you…

  • Who she loves to work with
  • Why she does what she does
  • What does she do?

If you want more information about schools and certifications and all that you can find it in her more formal bio.

Who Kim loves to work with:

Nothing excites Kim more than empowering women to be the best they can be. She knows that sounds trite, but many of you by this stage of your life you may have raised your children, helped your parents and been caretakers to many.

You have earned your degrees; have loads of life and work experiences, and many relationships past and current.

You are at a new stage, a new place to grow and focus more on yourself.

You are ready to:

  • Get back to your dreams
  • Tap into your passions
  • Design your own business or move one forward
  • Design your business around your life, not your life around your work
  • Challenge yourself, get into action
  • Get your spunk back & in motion

Why Kim does what she does:

You’re important. Kim has worked with women in her therapy practice for well over 20 some years as well as her work prior to that.

She sees women being so caught up in  ‘responsibilities’ such as parenting, caretaking, volunteering, working and on and on… and lose who they are.  It happens.

Those days are over.

Time to take back your power

Time to get back your confidence, your savvy, your moxie.

It’s time to claim it.

It is time to get that business started or get it moving forward.

It is time to take control of your financial future

I say that because women in general work less years then man due to childrearing. Either you didn’t work, or you worked part time.

Divorces over age 50 are usually initiated by women.

You live longer than men.

Your financial future may very well be in your own hands.

That’s why Kim does the work she does.

What does Kim do?

Most coaching schools do not teach you how to build a business.

Kim can start you right from the beginning of your own coaching business with all the nuts and bolts you need to have in place.


Kim can work with you to expand, grow and breathe fresh life into your current business.

Kim will challenge you to get into action and I will hold you accountable when you don’t.

Kim will give you a step-by-step blueprint for your business success

Kim am committed to your reaching your full potential, business wise and in your personal life

It is her passion and mission to help you succeed financially in your business without sacrificing yourself or your life.

Are you ready to start playing big?

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