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June is Happy Time!

It’s a happy time for me also because my youngest, Erin, is home from college (ASU) for the summer! Also, my oldest, Emily, (CSU) got the nanny job she wanted in Ft. Collins so its her first summer NOT being home. For her, that’s happiness! They do grow up, don’t they? What is making you […]

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Happiness: Were You Born With Or Without It?

If You Weren’t, Can You Get It? If you had a choice in your life between having friendships or money, what would you choose? I suppose it depends what you are looking for, but if it’s for a longer, healthier life, I suggest your choose friendship. You probably already knew that. Are you a man? […]

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Do You Even Know What a ‘Retirement Coach’ or a ‘Transition Coach’ Is?

I know that you know that our generation is getting very close to our retirement age, if we aren’t already there. Many of you are looking for much more in the next stage of life than others before you. In order to design this next lifestyle, you sign up for ezines like this and possibly […]

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Could You Pass a Retirement Exam?

It seems only appropriate to write about money and savings this month, it being tax month and all. Are you folks ready? Have you paid the maximum in your IRA and 401 K’s? If not, why not? How late in life do you plan on working? I know I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon, […]

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Don’t be anyone’s FOOL today!

Just because it’s April Fools Day doesn’t mean we have to act the part of the fool! I’m hoping that you are fully aware that this is a special time of life that is approaching us and we have many choices as to how we chose to use it…….or not use it, as the case […]

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Mid-Life…That Scary Time of Life

That scary time of life, at least according to what past generations have told us. Is it that frightening to you? If you are reading this you are at least at this stage of life, if not further along. I hope that your views are different, that you are excited about this middle age transition […]

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Pretend This is the 1st VALENTINE’S Day of Your Retirement…

Let’s just say you’re 5 or 10 or 15 years or so away from when you think you might retire. Some might call this the “Pre-retirement” stage. It’s the period of time you have to plan and take a look at what you might want down the road. I truly suggest you really take this […]

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Since Valentine’s Day is just around the corner…

I can hardly ignore it! I don’t want to talk about Hallmark cards, chocolates and flowers, although there is certainly nothing wrong with those! I want to address relationships. The relationships that you may have when you move into the next stage of your life; your retirement. For some of you it will be very […]

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