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3 Mistakes To Avoid When Starting Your Own Online Business

You have probably heard the statistics and they aren’t pretty.  If you read the numbers that the U.S. Government Small Business Administration’s website states it says that 50% of small businesses fail within the first five years. You might have come out of another employment situation and are ready to venture out on your own, […]

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What Awaits You This Next Year is What You Create Today

I am not saying this to be ominous by any means but I think you get my drift. The autumn of any year has many meanings for people. It means the ending of summer, the beginning of the school year and buckling down and the knowledge that the New Year is not far away. For […]

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Knowing Your WHY Will Lead You to Wonderful and Beyond

How well do you really know your spirit?  How well do you value your beliefs and your mindset? I know you want to build a successful coaching business and I know you want to do it in a successful manner, now.  Before that can happen however, there are a few items that need to be […]

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3 Steps for Adding Creativity in Your Business Success and Why it’s Crucial

How creative are you in your business? By being creative I don’t mean having a pretty site or expecting you to be an artist with paints and brushes. It’s very easy to get trapped into thinking you are not a creative type so you have to follow what others are doing or be stuck doing […]

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5 Ways to Use the Summer Slump to Build Your Coaching Business

It’s summer. It’s hot. People are on vacation it seems all the time. No one is signing up for your teleclasses or any other of the wonderful things you are offering. How are you supposed to grow your business at this rate? Well, maybe there are other things you can do instead of feeling badly […]

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Women Boomers: Do You Know What a “Mancession” is?

I just read a great article about something I haven’t heard of before; for one thing, I thought it was a new word in town but I was wrong. Clearly I am behind. I Googled ‘mancession’ and found 79 pages! If I read this all correctly the first article was written in January 2009. So, […]

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Don’t We All Have the Same 24 Hours in a Day?

I am pretty sure we do. Then why is it that some people get so much done in one day and then others moan that there aren’t enough hours in the same day? I used to think I was a success because I could multi task so well. I could hold a baby, do laundry, […]

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How in the World Do I Create My Signature System?

In my last article I talked to you about WHY you need a signature system of your own. Your clients will love them and your life will be much simpler because you will know exactly what you presenting to them and when. Let me review a few of the reasons why right here. •Clients will […]

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