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What a Difference 14 Years Can Make!

I read an article the other day that really got me thinking. And that’s always a good thing right? As I write this I am 64. Fourteen years ago I was obviously 50. Stan, my husband, threw me a huge surprise party, and it really WAS a surprise! Even my parents and my sister flew […]

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5 Easy Ways to Have a Positive Relationship with Money

Listen here:   Have you ever noticed how uncomfortable some people get when the subject of money is brought up?   Probably one of the most awkward questions you could ask someone is “How much money do you make?” At least that was how I was raised.  You just didn’t talk about it.  It was rude. […]

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Count the Ways to Start Planning for Your Summer or Your Retirement

What does planning for your summer vacation and planning for your retirement have to do with each other? I can just hear some of you saying “they have nothing to do with each other” and others saying “they have a LOT to do with each other.” What do you think? I have been working and […]

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How to Worry Less about Money and More about Relationships

…In Less than Less Than 24 Hours There is no doubt that this is a time when worries about your financial situation can overtake everything else. You may be in uncertain times regarding your bank account and retirement accounts. You might be really frightened of what it all means for your future. One of the […]

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Is an Encore Career in your future?

Are you as worried about your retirement fund accounts as everyone else seems to be? Has the reality set in that you may be working much longer than you thought? Are you currently in retirement and realize now you will need to go back to work? Are you currently working but the idea of having […]

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