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5 Ways to Use the Summer Slump to Build Your Coaching Business

Listen here: It’s summer. It’s hot. People are on vacation it seems all the time. No one is signing up for your teleclasses or any other of the wonderful things you are offering.  How are you supposed to grow your business at this rate? Well, maybe there are other things you can do instead of […]

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When Life Doesn’t Go As Planned

Wow, January is flying by!  I know many of you have been enjoying tons of snow………although maybe ‘enjoying’ isn’t’ quite the right word. Some of you have been really slammed with that white stuff. Ours is starting to melt so I am really ready for a new storm to pass through but nothing is in […]

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Women and Retirement: Are You as Concerned as You Should Be?

You know you should be concerned right? Even if you are part of the Mass Affluent ($100k-$1 M of net worth, not including your primary residence) statistics show you are concerned. You are concerned about your retirement and about whether or not you can live worry-free at this stage of your life. You are saving […]

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Boomer Women: 1 Mistake You Can Avoid in Your Retirement

Do you know what that 1 mistake might be? Can you guess? Let me just say that it’s not as difficult as you might think. This mistake can be avoided if you just pay attention. Now I know that doesn’t sound as though that should be very difficult but you would be surprised! As a […]

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Boomer Women: Are You Rethinking Your Retirement Date?

If so, you are certainly not alone. Also, women are more apt to extend this date then men. Women earning $75,000.00 or more have a six out of ten chance of delaying retirement. Those are high numbers and now there is even a term for this. If you are one of the six, you are […]

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Have You Had That Crucial Conversation With Your Husband Yet?

Prefer to listen to this week’s article? The answer is probably a resounding “No.” Or maybe you’re not even sure what that Crucial Conversation is. This conversation is about how you are going to live the rest of your lives together as a couple. On one hand, this may sound pretty simple but when you […]

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Boomer Women: Are You Ready for a Transition or a Change

As a professional woman who has been in the workforce for many years, you have experienced many changes as well as transitions. Do you know the difference between the two? Since each is an important piece of leading a well balanced life it’s important to be clear on each. Change is a one time occurrence. […]

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House For Sale: Baby Boomer Moving

How do you decide IF to move, WHEN to move, WHERE to move? Making a move is always a challenge. There is never an easy way and there are so many questions to ask and answer. One of the biggest challenges is that you must get it right! It’s not like you are in your […]

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