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Dire Straits for Baby Boomers!

How to survive pre-retirement in a time of recession “Difficult times ahead for Boomers!” “Probable recession leaves Boomers in a lurch!” “Retirement only a dream for Baby Boomers!” This is not the first nor the last time you will hear or read these lines. They are everywhere. Is it the Medias intention to frighten you? […]

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A Baby Boomer Thanksgiving: Gratitude or Fear?

Traditionally Thanksgiving is a time to gather together with family and friends to give thanks to all that we have. You probably have food on the table, a roof over your head and clothes on your back.  You have the essentials.  And you probably have a lot more than the essentials, above and beyond your […]

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Is There a (Boomer) Olympics in Your Life?

Ps: just a ‘small’ Olympics Have you ever tried for something so hard, for so long, that you wanted so badly and then it worked? I’ll tell you, I watch these athletes in the Olympics and I am always so amazed. I grew up watching them with my folks, and my daughters and I watched […]

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Back to the Real World…

I have returned from our cottage and back to the real world. It’s a great world to return to also. It’s hard to complain about living in Colorado! This past Saturday I did a BIG hike for me, with my friend and colleague Chris Gallop. Here is my friend Chris, to put the Boulder Field […]

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Smile, Make Some Plans and Look at My Egret and Loons!

As I write this I am still hanging out with the loons at Indian Lake, Ontario. It’s so peaceful here and so quiet. The most noise comes from water ski boats and I can live with that! I even went birding this morning with a wonderful woman who I have known since we build here […]

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Don’t Be in Cenial! Deal With the Reality That You Won’t Be Here Forever…

I know this may be a difficult subject for you, but let’s be honest here. Death will happen to you at sometime sooner or later. Now, let’s hope that’s later, of course. But as a Baby Boomer, you haven’t followed the rest of the generations before you, so why start now? From your birth to […]

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The sun is out, the days are hot!

And going to work in my office, especially since I can’t open the windows, is getting harder and harder to do. I want to be outside! It’s on days like this I think about how nice it will be to achieve retirement status. Or will it? Like so many of us, I also worry about […]

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The life calculator really said I’d be 103!

What a wonderful thought! Oh, what a frightening thought! How in the world will you pull this off? That’s a lot of years to live on this planet. You may have a lot of concerns about what IF this really becomes a reality. What if I really live to be 103? * Will I have […]

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