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Money Scripts

Tip #3: Don’t allow past Money Scripts to affect your present life. When you were a child, what were your parents or grandparents and other family member’s belief around money? You may be amazed at how much of that belief system you still carry with you. It becomes ingrained in us and is sometimes hard […]

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Does that feel better?

Tip #2: Keep an eye on your belief system when it comes to finances. What are your beliefs around money? Some of you may believe that money is bad. You may say that someone you know was a really a nice person and fun to be with but now that they have made lots of […]

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Welcome money into your life!

Start paying attention to your cash! Do you pay attention to your money? I am asking that in all seriousness. Do you track your money each month? What I mean by that is do you know how much money is coming in and how much money is going out? If you are saying to yourself […]

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5 Easy Ways to Have a Positive Relationship with Money

Have you ever noticed how uncomfortable some people get when the subject of money is brought up? Probably one of the rudest questions you could ask someone is “How much money do you make?” At least that was how I was raised. You just didn’t talk about it. It was rude. It was a secret […]

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Are You Getting Paid What You Are Worth?

Seriously, are you? On one level this can seem pretty simplistic but when it comes right down to it, getting paid for your expertise can be more difficult than it seems. Women especially, can struggle with this piece. Truth be told, most women undercharge. Are you one of them? It’s almost like Sophie’s Choice sometimes. […]

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The Miracle of Mindset:

7 secrets for a healthy boomer future in difficult times How are you doing? Are you holding up alright?  Are you excited about this New Year or do you wish you could put your head in the sand until our economy is more stable?  And how will you know when that happens anyway? This may […]

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