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Congratulations, You Have Been Fired

Think back to your last job (or the one you are currently in) were you considered ‘disposable’? I know when I worked at a hospital and we had big snow storms or some reason everyone couldn’t come to work, we Social Workers, were considered ‘non-essential staff’. So, we got the day off but it didn’t […]

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Why “Older” Women Need to be Entrepreneurs

I recently read an article from the Harvard Business Review titled “Older Women Are Being Forced Out of the Workplace” An interesting study was done where researchers created 40,000 job applications and submitted them to a variety of online job postings. These were all fictional people looking for jobs. Evidence showed very clearly that it’s […]

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Your 1st Quarter Challenge

Yes, you read it right, it’s still the first quarter of the year and I am going to offer you a challenge. As I wrote in my last blog post to you, it’s easy to believe you coulda/shoulda/woulda done more to get your year started out like you had planned, not like it truly is. […]

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2 Months Down, 10 Months To Go!

We are two months into the New Year and tomorrow brings us to March 1st. Undoubtedly you made goals for yourself, personally and business wise. How are those working out for you? Now is generally the time when you are really excited about the progress you have made or……OH NO! I expected to have accomplished […]

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“I Quit. Sweet Surrender After All These Years”

Now, that sounds very dramatic doesn’t it? Well, it is. For me. I am sure there are many things that you are doing or have been doing that started out with such excitement and zest for but then, something changed and the excitement faded. I have angst over something like this many times. I felt […]

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Is Your Business a Business or Are You Volunteering Your Time?

First of all let me say, there is nothing wrong with being a volunteer!! I have volunteered a lot in my life and always will. Right now I am a Disaster Mental Health volunteer for the Red Cross and I am Program Chair for a non profit for women divorced and/or widowed. I put a […]

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What Does Remodeling Your Home & Building a Business Have To Do With Each Other? Foundation.”

Ok, my daughters (Emily just turned 30 (EEEKKK) and 27 years) have been bugging me for years that I needed new carpet upstairs. And they were correct. But the thing was, I wasn’t ready. I wasn’t ready emotionally nor financially. It meant remodeling the master bath, the girls bath, painting and ……………..then carpet. The very […]

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Pick Up the Damn Phone to Get More Clients!

Social media is an invaluable tool, but it should not supplant a personal touch.

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