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What Does Remodeling Your Home & Building a Business Have To Do With Each Other? Foundation.”

Ok, my daughters (Emily just turned 30 (EEEKKK) and 27 years) have been bugging me for years that I needed new carpet upstairs. And they were correct. But the thing was, I wasn’t ready. I wasn’t ready emotionally nor financially. It meant remodeling the master bath, the girls bath, painting and ……………..then carpet. The very […]

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Holiday Success: Starting Out With You.

By Kim Kirmmse Toth Click here if you prefer to download this article as an audio. Do you truly believe that the most important person or most important activity is simply taking care of yourself? Even if you do believe that, you probably often put yourself second or even third or even last. That is a […]

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My Wish For You

One of the commitments I am making to myself is to write in this blog on a more regular basis. Not just articles but also my own thoughts and musings. I also would love to hear more from our wonderful community of women!  So, my hope is that if I communicate with you more, you […]

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Whatever Happened to Al and Tipper After 40 Years of Marriage?

Were you surprised? I wasn’t. I have written about this very thing over the years. I have written how there is a trend now that the majority of divorces over 50 years old are initiated by women. I have no idea who initiated this divorce; Al or Tipper but does it really matter? For many […]

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Boomer Women: When Work Interferes with Your Life & How to Change it

Has your work ever interfered with your ‘other life?’ That ‘real’ life that does not include work, even if it’s work you love? What I mean is true leisure. Not thinking about, planning about or doing anything even close to work. I am talking especially to those of you entrepreneurial types. That certainly does not […]

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Ten Tips To Your Relaxed Holiday Season

#1. Start Planning Now! The best way to promise yourself a smooth holiday is to begin planning as soon as is reasonably possible……which is sooner than you think! Start prior to the snow and the crowds. This will ensure that you can get the supplies or necessities you need without panic. #2. Plan Your Menus […]

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How important is an Ethical Will to Boomer Women? Very.

Prefer to listen to this week’s article? Ethical Wills have been around for many generations but seem to be regaining their strength. That may be simply because many of you are getting to the stage in life where you begin thinking about what you are passing along to your children or other loved ones. Another […]

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Traveling with Young Adult Children: Is This Insanity?

5 Secrets to Creating Positive Memories Family vacations may have been wonderful when your kiddos were still little and you were in charge. You were definitely the parent, roles were defined and everyone knew their place. Then, lo and behold, those youngsters grew up! This changes many things in your life but it’s the natural […]

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