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103 Tips For Your Future: Creating the Best for You and Your Life… After Your Career

We would like to offer to you an opportunity to purchase a helpful little booklet called “103 Tips for Your Future: Creating the Best for You and Your Life After Your Career”

It’s a very practical tool for companies and individuals!

This Tips Booklet Is Now On Sale for only $5.00!

Get it in One Of Two Convenient Formats:

In a downloadable PDF file format (downloads to your computer) or hard copy (mailed to you.)

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5 Keys to a Successful Retirement Ecourse

Are you ready to step it up a notch and go beyond just wishing, thinking, hoping that your retirement years are the best yet?

Are you ready to put some of this wishing, thinking and hoping into ACTION? Trust me, nothing is happening without ACTION. Well, things will happen but maybe not the way you want them to.  Are you willing to take the risk of just assuming it will all fall into place by itself magically?  Well, my friend, think again!

These years of your life are the years you have been waiting for. You may leave your current career, cut back your hours, create your dream job or just stop working altogether, whether for a short time or forever.

Either way, you need a PLAN.  And after the PLAN you need to take ACTION.

The E-Course is a simple, easy way to begin the process.  Every few days we will send you, via email, the next KEY.  At the end of each short lesson will be an exercise for you to complete. It’s simple and easy.  And a great place to begin this well earned NEXT JOURNEY.

Here are the themes of the 5 Keys:

Lesson 1:  Name your Unsung Song
Lesson 2:  Make a Plan
Lesson 3:  Take care of yourself
Lesson 4:  Keep your loved ones close
Lesson 5:  Save your money, save your time

For the easy investment of $17 you can begin your journey.  Isn’t it time to TAKE ACTION?  If not now, when?

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Pre-Retirement Employment: Should I Stay or Should I go?

Here’s a book to assist you and get the most out of your job during a tough economy.

Yours for only $19.95!

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Insights Magazine CoverInsights Magazine featuring Kim Kirmmse Toth

Insights Magazine collector’s print issue featuring Kim Kirmmse Toth.

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Discover Your Inner Strength: Cutting Edge Growth Strategies from the Industry’s Leading Experts…

Including: Brian Tracey, Kim Kirmmse Toth, Ken Blanchard and Stephen Covey
Kim’s was interviewed by David Wright titled Retirement with Attitude: How Boomers Reinvent the Wheel

Now On Sale for only $19.95!

Available in hard copy (mailed to you.)

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