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M.O.X.I.E. Comprehensive Discovery Session

This is a 2½ hour private phone session with me to get you started in the right direction or to get you to the next step in a short period of time.

You bring the content of the call. This is your space to ask me about any ideas you have, where you are stuck and we can brainstorm about what’s next.

I will guide you through this process by asking powerful questions in order to help you get clear and move forward.


M.O.X.I.E. Mentorship Program

I live a good life. In fact, I have a great life! I want you to have that as well. Earning a great income is not only essential to secure your future; it’s important to secure your FREEDOM. You have earned it — and it can be yours!

I have put a lot of caring thought and attention into what this BRAND NEW program would look like. Here is a peek…

  • A coaching program run simply with your phone and computer so you don’t have to travel away from your comfy home and family
  • 12 relevant topics over 12 months to get you headed in the right direction, the financially secure direction: whether you are brand new to business or have an established business
  • In-depth and step-by-step training on exactly how to implement every one of these 12 topics
  • Opportunities for you to ask me questions live and get support and feedback LIVE every single month

Select the M.O.X.I.E. Mentorship Program
option that is the best fit for you.

(more details coming up, this is just the tip of the iceberg!)

Features Sapphire Ruby Emerald Diamond
Email support questions

Monthly Training Calls
MP3 of Each Call within 24 hours
Private Facebook Page for group support and e-coaching
Monthly Q & A
Transcript of each call
SOS calls throughout the year when/if you are stuck on something and need help ‘now’!!    
(6 calls)

(10 calls)
Weekly Private Platinum check-in each Friday    
Periodic Ezine/social media promotions for your business
Free entrance to any other program I offer this year
Live Mastermind every other month
30-Minute Cutting Edge Private Calls scheduled monthly OR available throughout the year when you want or need them. (So you get to pick and choose how you spend your time with me)

Monthly Coaching Gym (Clients love it and it’s amazing how much we can accomplish IF you come to the call prepared.)  
Unlimited access to the Bookstore with Training Calls, MP3’s and Transcripts  
Direct Private emails to Kim  
Jump Start half day private VIP day



This M.O.X.I.E. Mentorship Program is by Application only.  To apply, complete the application form above. We will set up a time for a conversation to get to know each other and decide if one of these programs is good fit for you. We will also talk about if we are a good fit for each other!!

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