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Why “Older” Women Need to be Entrepreneurs

I recently read an article from the Harvard Business Review titled “Older Women Are Being Forced Out of the Workplace” An interesting study was done where researchers created 40,000 job applications and submitted them to a variety of online job postings. These were all fictional people looking for jobs. Evidence showed very clearly that it’s […]

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Fact: Joint Ventures Will Increase Your Business

By Kim Kirmmse Toth Click here if you prefer to download this article as an audio. If you have had your own business for some time now, you have probably heard about the power of Joint Ventures. We hear all the time that being a Lone Ranger is a long, slow and painful path to […]

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Is Summer Almost to a Close?

By Kim Kirmmse Toth Click here if you prefer to download this article as an audio. It hardly seems possible that it’s almost mid-August. I don’t think I really was paying much attention until all the stores started selling school supplies, and then I took notice. School? Already? Yup, between this week and next week, […]

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What Keeps Your Potential Clients Awake At Night?

By Kim Kirmmse Toth Click here if you prefer to download this article as an audio. This is a really, truly important an question that you should know the answer to.  Do you? You know how often I talk about Niche. And you know how I believe it’s so important. You also probably know, if […]

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7 Secrets to Designing a Simpler Business for Your Life

I have this phenomenon that has been going around in my head and heart for the last few months. I want my business to be simpler. As may be true for you, I have been through stages in my business where I have been too stressed, too overwhelmed and too exhausted. I was working too […]

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Creating and Sustaining Happiness in Your Business and Your life

Listen Here: I know there is a lot of talk about the importance of being happy in your life and in your business. It’s important to include both in your overall happiness because if you are not happy in one, the other will suffer. If you are not happy with your life, your business will […]

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Website Wisdom: Is Your Website Up to Snuff?

Listen here: There may be some things that you can compromise on when you run your own business but your website is not one of them. Your website is a big, live business card! If you do not have an on-line presence, even for an offline business, you are hurting your business which means hurting […]

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Ezine Elegance: How to Generate Ezine Content With Ease

Listen here: Don’t make this harder than it is!  You must have a way to keep in contact with your list. You simply must. There is no two ways about it. Don’t over think it and then decide it’s too hard so you don’t do anything. You cannot have an on-line business without a consistent […]

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