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3 Steps for Adding Creativity in Your Business Success and Why it’s Crucial

How creative are you in your business? By being creative I don’t mean having a pretty site or expecting you to be an artist with paints and brushes. It’s very easy to get trapped into thinking you are not a creative type so you have to follow what others are doing or be stuck doing […]

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Why You Must Have a Signature System

It took me awhile before I figured this all out, so hopefully what I share with you now will help you to move ahead faster in your business. You may have a system or step-by-step plan for your business already. In fact, you may not even know you have one! Look at how you work […]

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Do You Have an Expert Mindset?

Do you know what the first step is to becoming the perceived expert in your field? It is not what you think it might be. The first step to being the perceived expert in your field is to believe it yourself. If you do not believe in yourself, if you do not believe that you’re […]

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How clear are you on WHO you really are?

I know you really want to begin to build your business and you should!  But instead of jumping in without a plan, I suggest you take some time to think first. This is the personal piece, the piece that comes from your heart. Who do you really want to be? I know this may sound […]

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Blogging and Business 2010!

Hey there coaches and other solo-entrepreneurs! Is this going to be your year to shine? I will do everything I can to help you transform your business into something you not only love and enjoy but one that will pay you what you are worth. I know that it often feels like an uphill battle, […]

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