7 Simple Steps

to Creating & Sustaining a Business to Transform Your Financial Future and Bring You the Freedom You Deserve

Are you ready to take action, unleash your creativity, tap into your inner strengths, awaken your spirit, fire up your moxie, and ignite your dreams TO live the lifestyle you want?

Are you ready to shine by having a successful coaching business where you can earn a great income while working from home and having the time to follow your passion and reignite your dreams to live your best life?

You actually can build a successful business, earn a great income while working from home and have the time to follow your passions and re-ignite your dreams!

As a woman, therapist, coach or other heart centered entrepreneur, I know you have a wealth of life time experiences and an unlimited amount of gifts that are exceptional and in a class by themselves. I also believe that you have a desire to make a difference in the world and in people lives. But…

  • You are simply not sure how to even begin a business and wish someone would just spell it out for you step by step
  • You have had your coaching business for awhile but it’s just not moving forward quickly enough and you are feeling tired and frustrated, plus you are working too hard
  • You know you are worth a lot more than you are earning now but you don’t know how to attract the right clients, create programs they are more than willing to pay for or even raise your rates
  • You dislike marketing yourself because it just feels so uncomfortable and salesy but you now right now you are the world’s best kept secret
  • You are tired of spending so much time working you don’t have time for the people and activities you like to do

If this rings a bell with you then I am pleased you have found us!

I am Kim Kirmmse Toth, ‘recovered’ therapist and now a business coach. If you are a therapist, coach or other heart centered service professional and entrepreneur (even if you simply ‘want’ to be) I can teach you how to get your business started or move it forward without turning your life upside-down and losing your mind.

I will share with you step-by-step what I have learned over the years and I will hold your hand as much as you need me too. I have made many mistakes and had to back pedal a lot. I learned many lessons in my 8 years of being a coach. I promise to share every single one with you so you do not have to go through the frustration and loss of time and money as I did. The money you can make again, the time is simply gone.

For you women who have never owned your own business, but it’s been a dream put aside, now is the time!  Let the entrepreneur in you blossom. I will help you with the grass roots of business building from bank accounts and credit cards to choosing a niche you can be most successful in, creating programs and getting yourself out into the world so people will know all you have to offer.

For you women who are already in business but are ready for real growth and transformation I will show you how to grow your list, charge higher fees, offer high end programs (no more dollars for hours!), establish your branding, leverage your time and never, ever sacrifice your values or beliefs.

For 23 years I had my own private practice as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. I was in the same office that entire time had referrals flowing in from doctors since I was in a medical building and felt the pain of managed care. The truth is that I could have stayed for another 10 or 15 years but I knew I needed more, much more.

8 years ago I began taking coaching classes at MentorCoach (www.mentorcoach.com) and never looked back. I handed over my lease to another therapist in the fall of 2009. I retired from that business!

I have also recently simplified my business after the death of my husband in May of 2014. I know many of you can relate to that transition.

My new program is the Moxie Mentorship Program. It has a place for every single one of you regardless of where your business is or the investment you are willing to make for yourself and your future. If you want to check it out simply go to www.moxiementorshipprogram.com

Are you ready for this golden opportunity to be an entrepreneur who not only runs your own coaching business but you still get to live your life? Are you ready to be empowered, confident and find virtually limitless opportunities?

We are here for you when you are.

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