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And Your Ideal Client is…Who?

Part of growing a solid coaching business, or any business for that matter, is to know who your Ideal Client is.  Who is this person?  Man, woman, married, single, young or older? What problems do they have that they want solved?  (And that’s key here folks….if they have a problem but don’t care if it […]

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How clear are you on WHO you really are?

I know you really want to begin to build your business and you should!  But instead of jumping in without a plan, I suggest you take some time to think first. This is the personal piece, the piece that comes from your heart. Who do you really want to be? I know this may sound […]

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Boomer Women: When Work Interferes with Your Life & How to Change it

Has your work ever interfered with your ‘other life?’ That ‘real’ life that does not include work, even if it’s work you love? What I mean is true leisure. Not thinking about, planning about or doing anything even close to work. I am talking especially to those of you entrepreneurial types. That certainly does not […]

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Miami and freezing…….

Wow, I can’t believe I haven’t even mentioned that last week I was in Miami………and not at the pool! I was part of Bria Simpson’s Platinum Retreat which taught me oh so much. This is my 2nd Platinum group I have been in, my first being Kendal Summerhawk’s. What’s amazing about these groups is that […]

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Blogging and Business 2010!

Hey there coaches and other solo-entrepreneurs! Is this going to be your year to shine? I will do everything I can to help you transform your business into something you not only love and enjoy but one that will pay you what you are worth. I know that it often feels like an uphill battle, […]

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Baby Boomer Women: Is Your Career Where You Want it to Be?

You go to school, you get your education, you get your experience, and your working world should be in pretty good shape right? While that may be true for many of you, I’ll bet my bottom dollar it’s not true for each of you. Would you like this to be true for you? Heck Yes! […]

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