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When Life Doesn’t Go As Planned

Wow, January is flying by!  I know many of you have been enjoying tons of snow………although maybe ‘enjoying’ isn’t’ quite the right word. Some of you have been really slammed with that white stuff. Ours is starting to melt so I am really ready for a new storm to pass through but nothing is in […]

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Does Your Unique Purpose and Your Niche Match Up?

When you open up your calendar and see what your week looks like are you happy with what you see? I hope when you look at your week it makes you smile. If not, what is missing? Is it that you aren’t really excited about the clients you have lined up or is it that […]

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5 Secrets for Beginning the New Year with Success in Your Home Office

Working from home can be a real pleasure and a joy but beware!!  There are some tricky little pieces that will trip you up if you are not on your toes. With the New Year  here you want to start everything out on the right foot so that things move forward smoothly. Yes, it’s very […]

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