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Copywriter’s Top 4 Secrets to Writing Copy That Sells!


Bevby Beverly Bergman

The secret to writing successful advertising copy, whether for online or offline marketing, starts with having a crystal clear answer to these four questions: 


  1. What is my target market’s pain, problem or need?
  2. How does my product or service solve their pain?
  3. Why would they be better off buying it from me, rather than my competitors?
  4. What are the top 6 key words or phrases my target market will type into search engines to find a solution to their problem?

More than anything else, including all your years of education and experience, the success of any promotion is directly proportional to the depth of research done on your target market and your product. You must fully understand at least these four things about your business before you engage in any type of marketing promotion –- or I guarantee you will be wasting your money!

If you have any hesitancy in answering these four questions, you will want to poll your target market to discover what problem they are hoping you will solve for them before you begin any marketing efforts. Determine what they want from you and give it to them. Be relentless advocates for the reader. Stay true to the needs and wants of your clients by giving them more value than they expect. After all, you want your potential clients to look upon your emails or click on your website with great anticipation.

Once armed with their responses, you or your copywriter will be empowered to effectively persuade your clients that they should buy from you. And make no mistake -– we are all selling something, whether it’s ourselves, a product or a service.

Copywriting For Coaches provides copywriting conversion strategies along with marketing consultant services to get you better results. To help you get started, regardless of what type of business you have, become familiar with my Project Questionnaire — your free gift  you can use for every copywriting project.  Completing this for yourself or your copywriter will help ensure that you write targeted copy that sells!


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