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Congratulations, You Have Been Fired

Think back to your last job (or the one you are currently in) were you considered ‘disposable’? I know when I worked at a hospital and we had big snow storms or some reason everyone couldn’t come to work, we Social Workers, were considered ‘non-essential staff’. So, we got the day off but it didn’t feel all that great to be considered ‘non-essential’ either.

My client and colleague Donna Goodin sent me this article written by Ken Pope regarding an article in the New York Times. (Link below)

We both decided we were very pleased we worked for ourselves. It’s scary out there!

I’ll talk about some of the pieces of the article that really stood out for me.

finger pointing at letter on office desk

HubSpot, a software company, calls being ‘fired’ as ‘graduation.’ Wow, talk about putting a spin on the reality of the situation. I think the sad part for me is that the employees think this is normal. Is this really the ‘new normal?’

Amazon has had a culture for many years that I personally know I couldn’t live with, but people desperately want to work there. Yes, they make good incomes but at what price?

It also makes me wonder if I should be buying from Amazon, which I can do almost weekly. Hmmm.

Can I assume these are mostly Millennials? I have a soon to be 29 year old daughter who works for a company (I’ll keep them unnamed) and at least once a week, she goes home crying. And she has been there for several  years now.

The other trend I find interesting and its talked about in this article is that so many people switch jobs so often. Some of that is being let go, laid off, fired etc but for some it just appears to be job shopping. Looking for the next bigger and better  job.

I do know that long gone are the days when you worked for the same company for decades and retired with a gold watch and a pension. We will never see those days again.

The other sad part for me is that even in this day and age, we have such a long way to go. We continue to have serious biases when it comes to age, race and gender and sexual harassment is everywhere. Will we, as women, ever make as much as men in the same job description? Ever?

One thing I can say for sure is that I am so glad I work for myself. And I have worked for myself since 1987.  I think I am pretty unemployable!

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this so please comment below.

Click here to read the original article.

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