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This is Different Than Usual!

Click here if you prefer to download this article as an audio. Actually, what I am doing is stealing from other people. But I promise to give them total credit. I get Real Simple magazine like many of you probably do but how many of you either don’t read it, or skim it, or one […]

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Do You Have Enough Revenue Streams in Your Business? Do You Have Only One?

By Kim Kirmmse Toth Click here if you prefer to download this article as an audio. If you don’t have more than one revenue stream please read this article carefully! By having only one income stream you are putting yourself in financial danger. Let’s say you just work on 1-1 with clients. (And you wouldn’t […]

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The “Big Why”

by Special Guest Blogger Kathleen Gage When you first set out in your career, you had visions of achieving incredible feats. The way the story goes is that by the time you reached your fifties you would achieve a great deal of success. Yet, at times it all seems for naught. Something big was missing. […]

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5 Simple and Elegant Ideas for Marketing Your Business During the Holidays

Click here to listen to this article: The Holiday time can be a challenge and you may think this is a terrible time to market your programs and services but let’s think about that again! It seems like I have gotten more holiday cards earlier this year than usual. I have barely even thought about […]

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Business Basics for Start ups and Seasoned On-line Women Business Owners

Building a business from scratch is a very exciting time in the eyes of a solo entrepreneur. Usually it’s something you have been thinking of for quite some time, not something where you woke up saying “Wow, today I am going to start my own business!” It’s a journey building and sustaining an online business […]

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3 Mistakes To Avoid When Starting Your Own Online Business

You have probably heard the statistics and they aren’t pretty.  If you read the numbers that the U.S. Government Small Business Administration’s website states it says that 50% of small businesses fail within the first five years. You might have come out of another employment situation and are ready to venture out on your own, […]

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What Awaits You This Next Year is What You Create Today

I am not saying this to be ominous by any means but I think you get my drift. The autumn of any year has many meanings for people. It means the ending of summer, the beginning of the school year and buckling down and the knowledge that the New Year is not far away. For […]

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Knowing Your WHY Will Lead You to Wonderful and Beyond

How well do you really know your spirit?  How well do you value your beliefs and your mindset? I know you want to build a successful coaching business and I know you want to do it in a successful manner, now.  Before that can happen however, there are a few items that need to be […]

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