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Does a Change of Seasons Equal a Change in Business?

by Kim Kirmmse Toth It certainly could! That piece is totally up to you. With fall dancing around and teasing us with its hint of cooler weather, trees turning yellow and orange (and we had snow last week, not much but snow none the less, there are many opportunities at hand. Many of you have […]

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“Is Summer Almost to a Close?”

by Kim Kirmmse Toth It hardly seems possible that it’s almost mid-September. I don’t think I really was paying much attention until all the stores are selling school supplies, and then I took notice. School? Already? Yup, our street will be really quiet with all the kiddos back in class. That also means everyone starts […]

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And Your Ideal Client is…Who?

Part of growing a solid coaching business, or any business for that matter, is to know who your Ideal Client is.  Who is this person?  Man, woman, married, single, young or older? What problems do they have that they want solved?  (And that’s key here folks….if they have a problem but don’t care if it […]

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Blogging and Business 2010!

Hey there coaches and other solo-entrepreneurs! Is this going to be your year to shine? I will do everything I can to help you transform your business into something you not only love and enjoy but one that will pay you what you are worth. I know that it often feels like an uphill battle, […]

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